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Third Blog; Me

                        This blog is to tell a little about myself so that i don't come off as a complete strangerFirst, I want to explain what my username means. Paladin's were holy warriors and saints known for their crusades in history. On that note this is what my username means- I am the one with the dark personality, the holy resolve, and the blessing called luck. 
As you can guess my personality is dark and i am a christian-Baptist. I say i have luck because i was born lucky(not luckily born) with many great abilities and talents. Musically i love and can listen to everything except for the majority of rap and screamo. I play the flute as my musical intrument and i enjoy it immensely. I am still in school taking advanced/honors classes in everything as well as talented art and symphonic band(top band). I'm covered academically but i'm also involved in sports such as football and tenni(and potentially soccer). 
        Outside of school i recently found an outlet for my inner creativity and release from my boredom-LJ. I have 4 dogs and one paranoid guinea pig. Any further inquiries about me would require a message. I'll post more later.


Second Blog; The Purpose

      T he purpose of this community i am starting is to create a clos-knit group of active bloggers who share their thoughts and entertain, inspire, and help each other. I actually think my first blog may have given the wrong first impression of this group since my voice was a little to serious but i guess that was just the mood i was in at that time. I also want to state that the cummunity name got cut off and T.I.C.K.L.E.S stands for The Interesting Conversation with Kicks Launched Entu Sentence. I suppose this much shorter blog covers everything i intended thus far... I'll update laters...


First blog; Society

Hello, to whomever it may or may not concern. I want to say that i am takng the time to blog due to two(2) reasons; the first being that i am bored, the second being that I want to express my opinions. That said i can begin on my rant/inspection/oral decomposition of society...

             I  will touch on three points that compose the world in which i live in from my narrow view;World conflict, society/culture, the individual(A.K.A you and me). World conflict in this day and age is based mainly on what is closest to us and yet so far away from us;GAS. The thought of this unfortunetly directs us towards the conflict between Iraq and the U.S, and our wallets. To try and discover the reason behind this stupid battle is to dive into the history books and look at the logs of what causes the civil war in Iraq, why gas got the way it is, how terrorists in Afghanistan are somehow in Iraq at the same time, and why the stupid idea to go over there in the first place was concieved. I now want to say two(2) things; I know that i am wrong about many things which are specifically the things i am ignorant about and i would greatly appreciate it if someone were to correct me or inform me of such things; I personally blame this war on G. Bush who still tries to send soldiers overseas to a battle that cannot be won and without the existence of which his term as president would be totally wasted.
            The war itself is unstable with shifting moods(at first we said go, now we say come back), a shifting goal, and shifting pieces of progress. The things i know to be stable include they hate us, soldiers are dying, and no solid progress that cannot be reversed is being made. If no progress is being made and we are losing resources then we should re-examine the situation and try to do something that works, right? Well at this point ANY method we try to use to achieve our goals in Iraq would meet with the same wall of hate that separates the majority of the Iraqis and America because they do hate us.
            This means that gas is not going to get any cheaper anytime soon.

          Now i want to talk about society from the viewpoint of an American in the Southeast U.S. I live in the southeast part of the U.S. and so the majority of what i notice in the media is ignorance. I go to school and i witness first-hand the effect of culture on the students abilities. Specifically the fact that they don't care, don't try, and just don't wanna. This is because of the nation's education level constantly dropping but also because of the attitude that these people encounter at home and around them with a total disregard for education. I want to say something personal for a moment: I love all music except for the stupid things that i personally dislike. In this category is the majority of rap and screamo. Have you ever considered what would possess someone to make a song about thongs and then miraculously it becomes an enormous hit. Such things frustrate me. Why give the artist better tools to paint when his canvas i already dirty. This is applies undeniably between schools and students, at least in the south. This is perhaps one of the most difficult things to change because you have to literally change the thoughts-the mindset of millions of people. To accomplish such a feat you need just as many supporters.
          Aside from education society also has to deal with the rising gas prices which in turn rises the price of everything else except for workers wages. I believe this is the reason we are going into a recession but I may be wrong because i don't know what a recession is(someone inform me please). There are many other points that meet in society but i must get on with it...

         Finally i get to the individual and the final part of this long blog. The individual is you, and me. This part is about how we deal with stuff including society, world conflict, and other individuals. One of the big things we as individuals face is seeing what's going around us and thinking what can, should, or is not being done to change things around us. And we need change-lots of it in my opinion. I personally believe that this blog is me talking to people out there who care enough to read this far. Honestly i am doing something now by typing this, and you by reading it because we are discussing in a way and thus staying in the loop of the current events. Knowing is a great part of the battle to get your opinions out which is why it's difficult for me dive deeper into these subjects since i am still young and know little.
         Aside from personal choices between us and the "bigger" conflicts, we also face conflicts within the society we live in. A great example i have personal account of is racism from everyone. I have been confronted with racism soo many times and stood firm in knowing that my enemy is stupid. At one point i thought,"they still make you people?". but it affects us by creating a wall between one individual and another. Such a wall spread between everyone in the world means that we are unstable, with no thought of those around us. You take this wall and then reinforce it with religion, culture, society, history, and personal beliefs. This is pretty much what separates humanity. However as individuals we adapt and survive and try to find happiness along the way.the individual has the power to change as much as they can fight for.

         Now i want to thank whomever read the entire thing which i know is WAY too long. I also want to say not all my opinions were expressed in this blog and that i know that there will be some misunderstandings between you and me. Please inform of everything i was incorrect about but give me the facts so i can create my own opinion and not have yours. I haven't written anything in a while so forgive my bad points such my getting off topic frequently.



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